• 2020/03/27

30 Years of the Mazda Roadster (English Edition)

The English edition of the “30 Years of the Mazda Roadster,” which was first published by Miki Shobo in December 2019 is now available. The content is the same as the Japanese version. This is a book that has been produced for overseas Mazda distributors, and will not be distributed to general bookstores throughout Japan, making it a rare collector’s item. MZRacing produced the English version from the outset, taking charge of all editing work, including the English translation itself. The entirety of the English translation was carried out by native English speakers living in Japan who have extensive experience in the automotive industry. It makes for a perfect gift for overseas friends.


This limited edition book outlines the evolutionary process that led to the four generations of Mazda Roadster / MX-5, while collating information on the transition and development of limited-edition vehicles, testimonies from engineers and related parties, and events. The answer to why the roadster has long been supported by owners and fans is contained within this book. This book acts as a standalone, comprehensive historical record for all roadster owners and Mazda fans. All-color, hardcover, 240-pages.


For those residing in the USA, please find the link below to the Mazda USA shopping site.


For those residing in Japan, you can purchase through the MZRacing store (the website is only available in Japanese)


As with the Japanese edition, those who purchase the English edition through the MZRacing store will receive two original MZRacing photo cards and an MZRacing bookmark set.


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*Currently purchase is only possible for buyers residing in Japan and the United States




Chapter1 Before the dawn

Chapter2 1st Gen.EUNOS ROADSTER

Chapter3 2nd Gen.MAZDA ROADSTER

Chapter4 3rd Gen.MAZDA ROADSTER

Chapter5 4th Gen.MAZDA ROADSTER

“The Roadster is no longer just Mazda’s”

Chapter6 The MX-5 in motorsports

“My view of the Roadster”

Chapter7 The globetrotting Roadster

Chapter8 Data


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