• 2015/08/30

Mikio Nakajima Illustration Exhibition, “Day to Day With Cars, to be Held in Tsuyama”

Mikio Nakajima, a former Mazda designer who has been involved in the creation of numerous Mazda machines, is holding an illustration exhibition titled “Day to Day With Cars” at the Shiko Munakata & Michihiro Yanai Museum of Art in Tuyama, Okayama Prefecture.

The exhibition will be held from September 5th (Sat) to December 27th (Sun) and consist of 3 differently themed stages. The exhibition will display Nakajima’s illustrations, which have each been drawn along one of the themes, and feature explanations on the background of each picture. Along with this there will also be exhibitions that explore each period of automobile mobile design history.

At the opening of the exhibition Nakajima stated, “Cars are not merely tools for getting around, in so many ways they are vessels for our precious memories. There are the cars we used in our daily lives with our family, the car we first bought, the car we used for work, the car we always wanted, and so on. I hope that that my exhibition helps people to recall all the emotions of those times and help to enrich their lives today and in the future.”

On December 5th (Sat) Nakajima will hold a gallery talk in which he will describe the inside story of his car development from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. Another point of note is that the director of the Shiko Munakata & Michihiro Yanai Museum of Art is Nobuo Matsuda, former president of the Cosmo Sport Owners’ Club. If one was to spark up a conversation they’d be almost guaranteed to hear some interesting car talk.

■Stage 1: “Family Memories” 9/5 – 10/4
An exhibition of 16 pieces, including illustrations of nostalgic Mazda vehicles, cars that have many memories related to friends, and the car that reminds Nakajima of the Tohoku earthquake and the tears of his brother.

■Stage 2: “Boyhood Dreams” 10/10 – 11/15
Exhibition of illustrations of Mazda sports cars, racing cars, and so on that Nakajima dreamed of when he was a child.

■Phase 3: “Designer Memories” 11/21 – 12/27
An exhibition centered on illustrations of Mazda vehicles that Nakajima helped design.

Venue:Shiko Munakata & Michihiro Yanai Museum of Art (M&Y Museum)
    13-8 Higashiichinomiya, Tsuyama, Okayama Prefecture
Period:Sept 5 (Sat) – Oct 4 (Sun) Stage 1: “Family Memories”
    Oct 10 (Sat) – Nov 15 (Sun) Stage 2: “Boyhood Dreams”
    Nov 21 (Sat) – Dec 27 (Sun) Stage 3: “Designer Memories”
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