• 2020/01/25

The New Mazda2 R1 Visits Hemanos Rodríguez Autodrome

The Mexican rally team, GHR Motorsport started a project almost a year ago which consisted of creating the world’s first homologated Mazda 2 FIA NACAM. In November it debuted at Rally Colima driven by Jerry Hernández JR. After the strong performance there the team was invited to the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome in Mexico City for an official presentation.


On December 20th, at Pirelli’s Track Day, the car arrived at this emblematic location at Mexico City. There the team carried out an official presentation for the Mazda 2 R1 inside the racetrack.


The event was attended by the team’s CEO Jerry Hernández, and drivers Juan Pablo Labiaga and Toño Arguimbau where they made contact with important members of the media who showed interest their project and the positive impact it might have in the future.


The President of the National Commission of Rallies Mexico, Ignacio Rodríguez, was also present to give his approval to the Mazda 2 R1. Afterwards he said: “This car is a good contribution for motorsport in Mexico because it is a flexible, economical and scalable car that can be competitive at national categories such as well as on the international level.” 


Another special guest was the motorsports journalist Alejandro Konstantonis, who has followed the project’s development, in addition to being present at the presentation, he also accompanied the team during the Track Day. He was given the opportunity to drive the Mazda 2 R1 on the circuit of, where he experienced the thrill of the car’s speed in a safe environment. Later he wrote a report for Autocosmos. Konstantonis related: “I have been watching this project since its beginning, and it is being very well carried out. I wish the team great success.”


The presentation was a total success. Furthermore, Jerry also had the amazing opportunity to drive the Mazda 2 R1 at the Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome, where the car’s performance was demonstrated over a more than 4km run. He related, “I feel happy and grateful to every guest who participated because they are the ones who make our project known, it was an unforgettable experience.”


The FIA NACAM homologation for this car will coincide with several regions of America, such as Argentina, Canada and of course Mexico, among others. This also means the car will be able to participate in the World Rally Championship (WRC) events throughout the continent.


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