• 2016/02/24

Compete in the Fuji-Chan in a Rental Racing Car!

DO. Engineering has begun a Mazda race car rental service for those who would like to participate in the 2016 Fuji Champion series (“Fuji Chan”).

The cars currently available to be rented are a numbered NC Mazda Roadster and a DJ Mazda Demio Diesel. “I would only feel comfortable driving my beloved car on town and city streets,” “The idea of competing in a race can be a little intimidating, but if I could I’d like to race in the same car,” “I can’t put a roll bar into my own car but I still want to try racing on a track.” For people who are in this situation this is the perfect system.

We spoke to Do-Engineering’s Mr Tachimoto, who is the man to contact about these rental racing cars and is also an official for the Fuji-Chan. He answered 10 questions we had about the new program.

Q1: Will it be possible to rent cars on a single race basis?
A1: Yes, that’s possible.

Q2: What would be the deadline for applications to make it in time for the first round of Fuji Chan?
A2: It will be possible to apply on the Fuji Speedway website for a week one month prior to the race in question. The first round is in the first weekend of April so that would make the application period the beginning of March. Though if you wanted to make it in time for the first round it would probably be better to apply a little earlier, like mid to late February. As there is also a necessity to make applications for participation in the race, to begin with, please just consult with me.

Q3: Please tell us what cars can be rented and what classes they can be entered into.
A3: We currently have one Mazda Roadster and one Mazda Demio SKYACTIV-D, with plans for the addition of more vehicles in the future. The Mazda Roadster (RHT) can compete in the Roadster Cup NC Race Open Class and the Mazda Demio SKYACTIV-D can compete in the Demio DJ Race. It should be noted that the Mazda Demio SKYACTIV-D is the same machine that achieved fantastic results in the Eco Car Cup and also took season victory in the 2015 Fuji Chan series.

Q4: About how much will it cost to rent?
A4: The vehicle rental cost is ¥100,000 per race. After including additional costs for necessary consumables such as tires, break pads, rotors, etc. the overall basic price comes to ¥190,000 (excl. fuel costs). However, depending on elements such as the client’s intended presentation, number of participating races, whether they will bring in their own tires, and so on, it may be possible to negotiate a lower rate. However, there are limits on the brands and degree to which consumables can be brought in for vehicle management (eg. for the Demio DJ Race, tires are one make DIREZZA and brakes are limited to certified Dixcel pads, so if you were to bring in your own or utilize used parts, you could conceivably bring down the costs of racing). Other necessary expenses, such as the race entry fee (¥37,100), fuel costs, travel expenses to the circuit, are not included.

Q5: Does the customer have to prepare anything in advance?
A5: A JAF driver’s license and Fuji SW driving license are both prerequisites. If you don’t possess both of these please consult with us. Also please bring out your own staff and mechanics (for pushing the car out of the pits, cleaning, and so on).

Q6: Will it be possible to test drive the rental racing car beforehand? Also, will you be able to provide advice?
A6: Of course.

Q7: If one does rent one of the cars, would they need to carry out all race entry application procedures by themselves?
A7: As a rule, yes all application procedures are done by the client.

Q8: Would there be any race support provided on the day?
A8: I’m a race official so… if support is required please consult with us beforehand.

Q9: What would happen if a client crashed one of the vehicles?
A9: They would assume the full cost burden. You can’t really take out insurance for driving on racing circuits!

Q10: If the client wins the race are they obligated to split their winnings?
A10: Both these classes have cheap entry fees so the only prize is the trophy and the glory.

We’re sure everyone gets the general picture. People who are currently racing on circuits in their own cars would be aware that the costs of brake pads, rotors, engines, drive system oil, etc. is quite considerable for each race. This doesn’t even take into account alignment and tire management. Considering this fact, the ability to rent a fully race-ready machine takes on quite an appeal. Even if you don’t fully understand all race participation application procedures, or how to obtain the necessary driver’s licenses, or what equipment regulations there are, first of all, just contact Mr Tachimoto for a consultation. If you do you might find yourself lining up on the grid at Fuji Speedway in a few months time.

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