• 2015/03/17

Guide to Mazda Rotary Museum Tours

Former chairman of the Cosmo Sports Owners Club, Shinya Matsuda is planning to hold tours at the Rotary Museum, which will be opening this Autumn in Ausburg (close to Munich) in Southern Germany.

This museum, which houses numerous rotary engine vehicles owned by a Mr Frey, who for many years ran a Mazda dealership, utilizes Augsburg’s old tram garages. Although the museum is scheduled to open from around Autumn 2015, we were given the special opportunity to visit the museum prior to its official unveiling. With the building itself a heritage structure within this rapidly modernizing city, it is not too much to say that, along with the vehicles contained within, this is an extremely valuable museum. The Museum contains rarities such as the first generation Rotary Sports, like the R100 Rotary Coupe, as well as machines manufactured for the US market, including the Rotary Truck, Roadpacer, Rotary Bus, and so on. Along with these, all Mazda rotary engine models, from mass production models like the Savannah, Cosmo, Luce, etc. right up until the RX-7 and RX-8, are on display. It was also impressive to see that the line up went as far as to include RE bikes, motorboats, etc., from SUZUKI, Van Veen and so on.

Mr. Matsuda, who is planning the tours, said, “These tours are going to be held as a way to celebrate the opening of Mr Frey’s museum. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that not just automobile enthusiasts and members of the motorsports community, but also their spouses and others will fully be able to enjoy the experience. I also hope that visitors take full advantage of the chance to experience Germany’s exquisite ‘romantic road’.” In addition, there is the option to include a bullet tour to the Goodwood Festival of Speed (UK), of which Mazda will be acting as a host and where numerous rotary racecars will be participating.

Dates: 6/26 (Fri) to 7/4 (Sat) 7 nights, 9 days
Cost: ¥350,000-¥400,000 (includes all expenses such as air fair, accommodation, meal, transport, etc.)
Number of planes: 30 (first-come, first-served basis, minimum of 20 people required)
Application Deadline: Until 12:00pm March 20 (Fri)

6/26 (Fri): Depart Haneda Airport
6/27 (Sat): Sightseeing in Munich (Old Town, Museums, BMW Museum, etc.) – local sightseeing
6/30 (Tue): Stuttgart (Mercedes Museum, Porsche Museum)
7/1 (Wed): Mazda Rotary Museum tour and opening event party
7/2 (Thur): Augsburg sightseeing
7/3 (Fri): Depart Munich
7/4 (Sat): Arrive Haneda Airport
*Payment of travel price (airfare = ¥23.3 million) is to be made by late May. Hotel fees, etc. will be paid at the location.

The Goodwood option tour is as follows:
Dates: 6/26 (Fri) to 6/27 (Sat) 2 days, 1 night
Additional costs: about ¥100,000 (estimated amount for local arrangements)

Inquiries to Shinya Matsuda

Photo by N. Matsuda


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