• 2015/04/18

Inaugural “Mazda Fan Tohoku Meeting” Goes Off The “Mazda Fan Tohoku Meeting 2015 in SUGO” was held on April 12th 2015 at Sportsland SUGO, which was fortunately blessed with a spout of clear weather. Starting from families, a large number of Mazda fans came to Tohoku from all over Japan and congregated in their respective beloved Mazda machines. On top of this, the participants from the Support Our Kids Program also gathered at the venue.

From commercial vehicles to historic race cars, numerous Mazda vehicles came out to energise the event. Within these the Mazda 787B, driven by Yojiro Terada, and the Mazda 767B, with Senji Hoshino behind the wheel, performed a demo run which had the crowd entranced as their unique 4-rotor sounds reverberated around SUGO. Also held on the circuit were events such as the Roadster parade run, with Mr Terada in the vanguard propelling the new model Roadster, the RX-8 EIGHTLIEN CUP, the Roadster Party Race, as well as a demo run by the NOPRO Demio SKYACTIV-D, the Murakami Motors Roadster and the TC CORSE Roadster that are competing in the Super Taikyu series.

With the cooperation of Tohoku Mazda it was possible for fans to experience test drives in various new model machines and numerous people experienced the joy of driving these latest vehicles. There were also large numbers of fans showing interest at the new Roadster display and all listened intently to the explanations carried out there. With various owners club meetings also held for Axelas, Roadsters, and so on, it was a great opportunity for owners of the same cars to get to know each other.

Beginning from chief examiner Shinya Kodama, a SKYACTIV talk show was held with the development team for the Axela, along with an “MZRacing Presents” special talk show with currently active race drivers, and so on, which gave the many fans who turned out the opportunity to hear talks that they would rarely have the opportunity to hear. Mr Terada also introduced the Junior High and High School student participants of “Support Our Kids” to the stage and it was revealed that after experiencing their first race at Le Mans through this stay program they have all developed an interest in cars and become motorsports fans. The kids related messages saying that their hearts, that had been exhausted through tragedy, had been been given a chance to feel relief from the disaster and develop their own hopes and dreams. Their guardians were moved by how much their kids had matured and more than a few teary eyes could be seen.

Towards the end of the event, the Mazda Fan Endurance (Maz Tai) was held and through this 2 hour endurance race, the joy of driving was fully experienced by both the participants and the spectators. The finale, the All Mazda Parade Run, was held as the sun was going down. Both legendary cars and current Mazda models, irrespective of what generations they came from, filled the course. The parade was held over the 3.7km length of the course and they created a grand spectacle for all the fans. This was the first Tohoku Mazda Fan Meeting, but with everyone able to come out into the fine weather of spring, 2500 fans and Mazda owners turned out at SUGO.

Photo by B-Sports


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